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Root Grapples are one of the most abused attachments of all skid steer attachments.


XHD Attachments has designed a root grapple to withstand more abuse in material handling situations. Most root grapples have two separate frames that make the grapple which cause weak points in the frame.


All XHD Grapples are a single frame to be more rugged and prevent the weak points that all other grapples have. XHD Grapples have cylinder guards to prevent from breaking fittings, and protect the barrel assembly from logs and other debris.


XHD Grapples are made of ½” a572 high carbon steel. This will ensure that your XHD Grapple will be the most durable grapple on the market, and outlast the competition. XHD Root Grapples are available in 73” and 84”

heavy duty root grapple xhd attachments
heavy duty root grapple xhd attachments
xhd attachments heavy duty roote grapple